Furniture Provision

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Improving lives and helping the local environment by donating furniture to people in need.

If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know that it takes a while for your new place to feel like home. For those who have experienced homelessness or home insecurity, this is doubly true.

When we support people into safe, reliable shelter, we know for a lot of people that is only the first step. This is why we’re committed to ensuring that people can make their houses, homes, with donations of goods from the local community.

We accept donations of a wide range of household goods; from chests of drawers to sofas from people throughout the community that no longer need them. We deliver them to people who need them or make them available in our outlets. This process is vital not only in providing comfort and dignity to the people that we support but helps divert unwanted goods from landfill. We’re here to help you.

We’re here to help you

Providing furniture to those in need is one of the key services that we deliver and one that’s helped many families get back on their feet. If you’d like our support, in the first instance please get in touch with the Scottish Welfare Fund team on Freephone 0800 083 1887 to discuss the support that’s available to you.