Get Involved

Help us to help others. We’re a Highland-wide charity who support vulnerable members of the local community. We’re recruiting volunteers who can give time, share skills and mentor others, as well as develop new skills and build experience themselves.
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How can you get involved?

We’re passionate about making people’s lives better. Providing homes, furniture, and support to those who need it.

We couldn’t do this without the vital support of those that volunteer for us and those that donate to our services. If you’ve ever considered getting involved with New Start Highland or wondered how you can support us, we have a range of options.

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Donate Furniture

Had a clearout recently? Have you been meaning to for a while? Donate your furniture and homewares to save them going to landfill and to make somebody’s house a home. We provide free pickup for those donating.

Find Out More

Not quite sure what you can do to help us?

Get in touch! We have a wide range of opportunities for supporting us and we’d love to discuss your options with you. Every bit of support towards us goes a long way and if you’d like to be involved, we’d love to have you!