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Help create a better, brighter future.

Would you like to use your skills to help us make lives better in our local communities? We work all over the Scottish Highlands to support vulnerable people through our mentorship program.

We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic volunteers with skills and experience in a variety of areas to help us deliver our services and create a better future for those in the Highlands.

1440x900px Testimonial David
"Volunteering for NSH was the turning point for me on my journey of recovery from mental illness. I went from seeing myself as a ‘service user’ to becoming a person of value, with skills and confidence in my abilities."
1440x900px Testimonial Rebecca
"Being at NSH has allowed me to develop my skills and confidence in a warm and supportive environment. It has provided me with opportunities I'd struggle to find elsewhere"

What can I expect from becoming a mentor?

Volunteering as a mentor is about giving your time and expertise to help others develop new skills and gain confidence.

There are no specific requirements or qualifications needed to become a mentor. We're looking for people who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and time with those who can benefit from it most.

Many of our volunteers tell us that mentoring provides them with a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Our mentors also tell us that they gain new skills and experiences by collaborating with others.

How can I make a difference?

You might not think what you do every day is special, but for someone who lacks confidence and experience, working alongside someone like you can make a huge difference in that person’s life.

If you have time to volunteer each week or month, a skill to share and a passion for helping others then we’d love to hear from you.

Become a Mentor

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