Accessibility Web Accessibility Statement

New Start Highland aims to make our website as accessible and usable for as many people as possible. We are committed to making sure that everyone, including persons with disabilities, has full and equal access to our digital platforms. We try to make our site more accessible by using:

  • easier-to-read colours
  • larger fonts
  • plain English
  • keyboard only navigation


We welcome your feedback about your experience with our website. Email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have or if you cannot access any part of this site or want to report an accessibility problem.

Compatibility is compatible with most major Internet browsers including Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. may not perform optimally on Internet Explorer and older browser versions.

Distribution distributes this statement to all personnel who work with web content including writers, editors, designers, and developers.

Testing engages in regular automated testing and annual manual audits and user testing to assess and improve accessibility.


Employees with responsibility for web content will undergo regular accessibility training.


Through genuine effort and commitment including testing, audits, and corrections, we believe adheres to best practices for compliance with the Equality Act 2010