Our Impact

Working towards a future where people in Northern Scotland are free from poverty and crisis
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At New Start Highland, we understand that homelessness, poverty, and unemployment are complex life problems that require ongoing care and support to recover from. That’s why we offer a holistic support service to those that have experienced periods of challenge or crisis.

This is shaped by our seven values that underpin everything that we do:

  • Relationships
  • Realising potential
  • Service
  • Dignity and respect
  • Equality
  • Choice
  • Environmental care


number of times people in the community have used our services this year


number of items diverted from landfill this year


households supported to maintain a tenancy last month


essential furniture packs provided this year

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"It gives me work experience without the stress of a commercial environment, building me up towards getting back to work"
1440x900px Testimonial Rebecca
"Being at NSH has allowed me to develop my skills and confidence in a warm and supportive environment. It has provided me with opportunities I'd struggle to find elsewhere"
1440x900px Testimonial Colin
"I get satisfaction from contributing to New Start Highland's work helping the homeless"
1440x900px Testimonial David
"Volunteering for NSH was the turning point for me on my journey of recovery from mental illness. I went from seeing myself as a ‘service user’ to becoming a person of value, with skills and confidence in my abilities."

Our support is practical and life-changing to those who seek our services.

This means we don’t just help people move into a home, we help them to furnish it and train them in the necessary life skills needed to retain a tenancy, We don’t just help people into employment, we train them on the life skills needed to apply for a job, pass an interview, and get into the routine of being part of the community.

This ongoing work means that we have given people the opportunities and confidence to rebuild their lives. It means that we have helped to reduce homelessness, poverty, and unemployment in our community.

Reuse, repair, recycle

Being part of a strong community means looking after the people within it and the environment that surrounds it. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that our furniture provision service is one that benefits the environment. We pick up unwanted furniture and homewares from people who are giving them away, we restore and repair them if necessary and then we donate them to people in need.

By committing to this process and encouraging it to the people that we support and those that support us, we are ensuring that fewer and fewer items go to landfill and the community as a whole has a far more sustainable approach to waste.