Energy on a Budget

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We help people make the best use of energy in their homes.

Helping the Highlands become energy efficient

The cost of living is rising all over the UK, and the Highlands is no exception. With financial pressures at an all-time high, New Start Highland is committed to helping people make the most efficient, budget-friendly use of energy in their homes.

Our goal is to help empower people to heat their homes more affordably, pay their energy bills and raise awareness of the key heating and energy issues affecting society today.

Helping you heat your home on a budget

New Start Highland is helping families and individuals throughout the Highlands heat their homes more effectively through the Highland Affordable Living Project.

We provide advice and support services that raise awareness of key energy issues and empower individuals to heat their homes more cost-effectively. Here are some of the ways we help.

How we help

  • Energy advice. We offer specialist help and support on how and when best to use your heating system so you can save on your energy bills.
  • Tips on reducing your bills. We provide people with practical knowledge and tips on how to reduce energy consumption, helping them reduce bills.
  • Raising awareness of Carbon Monoxide. We provide carbon monoxide awareness training so that people can better spot issues and risks.

Find out more about our energy support services.

To find out more about how we’re helping families in the Highlands heat their homes on a budget, please get in touch.